Awards & Honors

The college has had achievements by both students and faculty which include many outstanding rewards, awards, medals and other recognitions in various fields. To keep the track of distant events is very difficult and yet a humble attempt has been made to reveal the glorious achievements of the college.

The lecturers have played a major role by editing many books, giving out various articles and publications in their respective fields. They also have made a major contribution in the field of sports and other extra-curricular activities.

J.K.C college is committed to the promotion of qualitative education not only at the collegiate level but also at the post-graduate level. Due to immense and collaborative efforts of both staff and students, the college had recorded excellent results in almost every academic year. The students have won prestigious ranks in the university examinations and many of them secured highest percentage of marks in various disciplines. Many students of this college had won many laurels in inter-collegeiate competitions. A large number of students have put in very good performance in sports, games and athelitics.

Besides academic excellence, the college also conducts several competitions such as quiz, elocution, essay-writing, music, painting and other literary activities to bring out the hidden talent in the students.



    Lecturer Name         Award Awarded by
  1. Dr S.Sivaram Babu Best teacher - 1999 Govt of AP
  2. Dr R.Ramachandra Rao Best teacher - 2001 Govt of AP
  3. Dr K.Ramamohana Rao Best literary critic, Telugu University
(HOD - Telugu) Pratibha Puraskar  
  4. D.S.Shankara Rao Best Team of Janmabhoomi Govt of AP


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