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The department of English takes pride of place in the annals of college, for the first three principals of the college came from the department. In the beginning it was headed by Sri Y. Rosayya, a profound scholar and great disciplinarian. After his becoming the principal, the mantle of headship fell on the worthy shoulders of Dr. S. Anantham, the phonetician. After his being elevated to the vice-principalship, the silver-tongued orator, writer and scholar, Dr. C.N.Sastry became the Head. Mr P.Satyannarayana, who succeeded Dr Sastry was a good interpreter of Shakespeare's dramas and his exhaustive preparation endeared himself to one and all. The printed notes greatly improved the standard of students. Mr G. Amma Rao, a lover of grammar and phonetics, authored a book on English Grammar. He got an appreciation letter from Oxford University Press for his having pointed out a number of mistakes and misprints in the dictionary. Dr. N. Nageswara Rao stood first in M.A. Linguistics at Ravishankar University, Raipur. He presented and published several papers. Mr K.V. Raghava Rao had great flair for writing. Mrs K. Padmaja joined the department after practising as a lawyer for a few years. Mr S.Kumara Swamy, a musician and poet at heart, presented many papers, authored many poems and a few short stories. He translated a number of radio features and 'Feelings' by Indraganti Srikanth Sarma. Mrs Arjuna Devi is a poet and translator. Mr. A. Madan Mohan was a gold medalist in M.A., from Ravishankar University, Raipur. He attended several seminars and authored several poems. Mrs. C.Ranganayakamma served the department for many years. Ms B.Vijaya Lakshmi was commissioned as an N.C.C. Officer. Sri Y. Ramabrahmam and Sri G. Buchaiah were keen on grammar and phonetics. Mr G. Nageswara Rao was interested in dramas and had an ear for music. 

It is most appropriate to place on record the services rendered by many who put in years of service: Mr P. Francis Choudary, Mr P.Sivaji, Mr V. Mohana Prasad, Mr V.V. Seshagiri Rao, Mr I.Venkateswarlau, Mr Ramakrishnaiah, Mr. T.S. Chandramouli, Ms G. Anasuya, Mr K. Venkateswarlu, Ms. V. Suryakumari, Mrs M. Santha, Mr Y. Sridhar, Mr T. Shravan Srinivas, Mrs B. Rajya Lakshmi, Sri A. Purna Chandra Rao, Mrs M. Naga Sree, Mrs P. Yamini, Sri N. Venkateswara Rao, Mrs G. Hemalatha Mrs J. Madhavi, Mrs G. Suneetha,, Mrs G. Bhajya Latha and a few others. Dr. B. Sobha Rani extended her support now and then.

Sri Y. Rosayya, Dr S. Anantham, Dr Amarendra, Sri P. Satyannarayana, Sri G. Amma Rao, Dr N. Nageswara Rao, Sri S. Kumara Swamy, Smt M. Arjuna Devi and Ms. B. Vijaya Lakshmi headed the department.

The department is now headed by Mr P. Gopichand. He is Vice-Principal, IQAC Co-ordinator and Member Secretary of Academic Council. He is Regional Co-ordinator for Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Regional Centre at JKC College. He conducted several workshops, summer camps for staff and students on language learning and gave guest lectures along with Smt P. Nagasuseela. His rendition of Antonius oration won him laurels.

Mrs P. Nagasuseela authored collections of short poems entitled " Mushrooms", "Sprouts", and "Splendour" and two books entitled 'A Handbook for All Occasions' and 'A Handbook on Communication Skills' along with Mr P. Gopichand. They edited six critical books and three CD's on phonetic and communicative skills. She was elected Joint Secretary to The Indian Association for English Studies.

Dr. V. Pala Prasada Rao completed Ph.D. under F.I.P. A management-funded project on"Functioning of Autonomous Colleges" was published. He also authored a book on Perspectives of Partition. He was recognized as research Supervisor by Acharya Nagarjuna University and he was a resource person to JRF and NET classes held at English Department, ANU. He organized several programmes of topical interest.

Mr B. Bernord got through SLET, He completed B.Ed. Mrs G. Hemalatha also completed B.Ed. Mr Sk. Johny Basha M.A., M.Ed. seeks to pursue research.

The Department organized UGC-sponsored National Seminars on Indian Drama (2008) and Methods, Materials and Techniques of Teaching English Language (2010). It also organized one-day National Poetry Fest (2009), 55th All India English Teachers' Conference (2010) and tenth two-day International Poetry Fest (2017). The Queen of England, former President of India, Sri Pranab Mukherjee and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh conveyed their wishes and special messages for conducting Poetry Fests. International Seminar on Novel Issues in Indian Writings in English" was organized in 2018.

The Department is active in research and cocurricular activities. Some of the important wings of co-curricular activities-IQAC, Magazine Committee, Cultural Association, Extension Wing, Career Guidiance Cell etc., are attended to by its members. The members of the department published about 50 articles and presented 160 papers at national and international seminars. To disseminate messages of brotherhood, peace and human rights a good number of posters were released.

The Department has a rich collection of books and learning resources.

Courses offered(UG, PG):(B.Sc/ B.Com/ B.C.A / MCA)

Strengths of the Department:

  • The Department has been organizing National/ International Poetry Fests since 2008 and it has been conducting National Seminars/ Conferences /Workshops every year
  • The Department has been organizing Summer Camps every year to all categories of Students, Teachers, House wives and Employees.
  • The Department has a very good Library and a Reference section.
  • The IQAC wing, Extension Activities Wing, Fine Arts Association, Rotaract wing, SPIC-MACAY, Dr B R Ambedkar Open University, Andhra university Distance Education Centre and Career Guidance Cell—all the important wings on the college campus have been looking after by the members of the Department.
  • The members of the Department designed Post Cards & Posters with messages in the form of short poems on topics like: peace, pollution, population, women, ragging etc
  • The present Vice – Principal belongs to the Dept of English.
  • The Department has been bringing out a student magazine from 2014 onwards.

Opportunities Of The Depatrement:

  • Department has been utilizing the opportunities of organizing workshops to the staff and students.
  • The members of the department are utilizing the opportunities of presenting 118 research papers at the National/ International Seminars and Conferences.
  • The Dept members are utilizing the Summer vacation to conduct Summer Camps for students, employees and house wives.
  • The members of the Department are utilizing language laboratory and CALL to improve the communication skills and phonetic skills of the students and teachers.
  • UGC Certificate Courses in ‗Communication Skills and Personality Development‘ &Diploma in ‗Functional English and Communication Skills offered by the Department help the students in upgrading their communicative skills.

Challanges of The Departement

  • Imparting speaking skills to rural students.
  • Preparing teaching material like songs, clippings, ppts and other activities to improve the grammar skills and language skills of the students.
  • To make the students write a poem , a short story ,captions to photographs etc by improving the creative abilities of the students in general.
  • To make the students get rid of their mother tongue influence in acquiring standard English pronunciation.

Future Plans Of The Departement

  • To bring out literary magazine for English Lecturers.
  • To conduct one National Seminar Every year.
  • To celebrate Grammar Day every year on March 4 by conducting Competitions in Grammar or by organizing workshops in Grammar.
  • To answer the grammar and textual queries of the students through on line.




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Staff in English
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
Vice Principal & HoD
M.A., M.Phil, NET
M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed.,
M.A., M.Ed., MPhil, Ph.D.,

Programmes Offered

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Courses offered(UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated  Masters;  Integrated  Ph.D., etc.):

(UG,  PG,  M.Phil.,  Ph.D.,  Integrated  Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.) UG,PG ( B.A.; M.A.........(B.Sc/ B.Com/ B.C.A / MCA))

Department Activities

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S.No Title of the Seminar Dates Held Source of Funding Out Standing Participants
1 National Seminar On Indian Drama in English 2008 UGC
  • Dr Biplab Chakravathy, HOD, University of Bardwan
  • Dr N.V.Chitnis, Reader, Dept of Music &Dramatics, Shivaji university, Kolhapur
  • Samyukta S.Thorat , Dept of Fine Arts, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur
  • Mrs Madhavi Sen, MGM Maha Vidyalay, Jabalpur.
  • Mustajeeb A.Khan, Dr B.R.Ambedkar University, Aurangabad
2 National Seminar on Teaching Learning Methods Materials and Techniques 2009 U.G.C
  • Dr Zafar Khan, Amravathi University, Nagpur.
  • Dr GhanaShyam, Bhilaspur, Chattisghar.
  • Dr Raja Sekar, Professor, ANU, Guntur
  • Prof R.Saraswathi, ANU, Guntur
  • Dr Sai ChandraMouli, Rtd. Reader, Govt. Raily Degree College, Hyderabad
3. National Poetry Fest 2008 Management & The Dept of English
  • Miss B.Y.Apoorva Iyengar-Limca Book of Young World Recorder
  • R.M.V.Raghavendrarao-Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry from Philadelphia
  • Mrs Nita B.George, Grand Daughter of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Ms Lincy Ann Mathew, Copy Editor, Kerala
  • Dr Josh Sreedharan, HOD, Kannur University
4. National Poetry Fest 2009 Management & The Dept of English
  • Dr Vinitha Agarwal, Poet, Indor
  • Frank Joussen, Grammar School, Germany
  • Mani Rao, International poet, Honkong
  • Dr Rat Saxena,Kritya,Thiruvananthapuram
  • Dr Rambramham, Physicist, Pondichery
  • Ms Lina Mistry, poet, USA
  • Priyanka Bhoumika,Frelance Writer,Founder of frog Croon‘, Gouwahati,Assam
  • Ms M.S.Venkatrammaiah, Editor, Bizz-Buzz , Bangalore

Student Profile Course-Wise: 2006

Name Of The Course
Apllications Recived
Pass Percentage
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng
B.A H.P.Eng

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