The Nagarjuna Education Society was formed in 1967 by some educationanists,philanthropists and elders who realised the need for another college in Guntur,as the existing colleges in the city could not cope with the growing demand for higher education among the people of the city and its neighbourhood.

Actuated by a sense of moral responsibility towards the younger generation,the Nagarjuna Education Society decided to start a college named after the celebrated philanthropist and patron of learning Sri Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary.The college was inaugurated by the late Buddiraju RamaChandra Rao,M.A.,L.T.,a veteran educationist and the first principal of the Hindu college,Guntur,under the Presidentship of Prof.K.Satchidananda Murthy,M.A.,Ph.D.,Ex-Vice-Chancellor,Sri Venkateswara University,Tirupathi.It is the ardent desire of the Nagarjuna Education Society that this college shall not be a replica of other colleges but establish an individual distinction by kindling the spark of idealism.The inspiring name of Nagarjuna whose Ancient University attracted seekers from different parts of the world and the hallowed memory of the late Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary who rendered signal service in the spread of education in the district indicate the direction in which the college desires to progress.

The members of the College Governing Body are enlightened citizens and educationalists.Founder-President Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli,B.A.,B.L.,Ex-M.P.,Ex-M.L.A.Ex-Member of the Syndicate of Nagarjuna University,was a venerable man of high integrity and catholicity of outlook andunder his efficient Presidentship,which lasted for about two decades,the college acheived all round progress and good reputation .His succeessor is Dr.K.Sadasiva Rao,a reputated surgeon and educationist.Sri Chebrolu Hanumaiah,Ex-M.L.C and Ex-minister of Marketing,Govt.of A.P., and Sri Y.K.S PrakasaRao,B.A., a great philanthropist and educationist,are great patrons of the college.Under the supervision of Dr.K.Sadasiva Rao Founder-Secretary,and of his successor Dr.K.Basavapunnaiah,a renowned medical practitioner,the college has tremendous physical and academic growth.A broadminded young man,Sri Jagarlamudi Narender Nath,son of Founder-President Sri Chandramouli,is now the Secretary of the college Management.It is earnestly hoped that under his guidance the college will reach new heights of glory in the years to come.

Though the college started with humble beginings,it has steadily grown from strength to strength,acquiring of fullfledged status in a very short time.By achieving remarkable results in the academic sphere,J.K.C college has carved out a niche for itself in the temple of education in Andhra Pradesh.

Under the first Principalship of the seasoned scholar and eminent disiplinarian,Sri Y.Rosayya,M.A.,ably assisted by a group of devoted and competent lecturers,the college has set up brilliant records at the several examinations conducted by the University and the board of Intermediate Education.After Sri Y.Rosayya's retirement,the mantle of prinicipalship fell on the worthy shoulders of Dr.S.Anantham,M.A.,Ed.D.,(Michigan) a venerable authority on higher education.After Dr.Anantham's retirement in Nov.1980,Dr.C.N Sastry took over a principal.After the retirement of Dr.C.N.Sastry on 23-6-1984,Sri E.Bhaskara Rao,M.Sc., was appointed principal of the college.After the retirement of E.Bhaskara Rao,M.Sc.,on 31-8-1993,Sri A Nomula Rao M.Sc., was appointed principal of the college.After the retirement of Sri A.Nomula Rao M.Sc.,on 30-9-1998,Sri G.Someswara Sarma M.Com., Sri. N. Bhushaiah, Sri. S.R.K. Prasad, Sri. K.V.N.B. Kumar, I. Nageswara Rao was appointed Principal of the college.

The starting of the J.K.C college brought new life to the Ring Road which leads to the college which is situated amidst sylvan and pastoral scenes.Far from the dust and heat of the madding crowds of the city and without ostentation the campus of J.K.C. College, radiates an austure spirit of discipline,dedication and devotion.

It is the fervent prayer and hope of the Nagarjuna Education Society that J.K.C College shall continue "to strive,to seek,to find and never to yield".In the relentless pursuit of noble ideals enshrined in the memory of the sage and savant,Nagarjuna,and never resting on its oars,the college, shall be "still achieving and still pursuing".The Nagarjuna Education Society confidently hopes that J.K.C college would scale loftier pinnacles of achievement and glory in the years to come and the Society would be able to serve the growing need of the people for higher education through the full efflorescence and effulgence of the ideals that animate J.K.C.College.

The College celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 25th, 26th and 27th of July 1993.