Post Graduate

List of Post Graduation Courses availabe in JKC College

Fees in Rupees
M.C.A 3 years 35000.00 per year
M.C.A. Lateral Entry 2 years 35000.00 per year
M.A English  2 years 12100.00 per year
M.Sc  Chemistry
2 years   
26400.00 (First Year), 35200.00 (Second Year)
M.Sc Mathematics 2 years 20000.00 per year
M.Sc  Microbiology 2 years 37400.00 (First Year), 35200.00 (Second Year)
M.Sc. Bio Technology 2 years 50000.00 per year


Spot admission to MCA course (First year and Lateral Entry)

Fees Particulars

Course Fees Rs.35000.00
Special Fees Rs.  5100.00
Other Fees Rs.  1600.00
Total Rs.41700.00
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