Contorller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations: Sri. S.R.K. Prasad, M.Sc.,

Additional Controller of Examinations: Sri. P. Raghu, M.Sc.,

Examinations & Evaluation

The college follows evaluation system based on Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and Semester End Examination (SEE). All eligible students have to pay the prescribed fee for both theory as well as practical examinations. No student is allowed to take examination without payment of the fee.

Theory: The 100 marks allotted for each theory Paper in a semester shall be distributed with 40:60 weightage between CIA and SEE.

CIA: It consists of tests, assignments and other modes of continuous evaluation methods along with regular attendance during the semester. 40 Marks allotted for CIA are distributed as follows:

Sno. Category Marks
1 Mid Test-1 & Mid Test-2 Average 20
2 Assignment 5
3 Attendance 5
4 Seminar / Quiz / Suprize test 10

Average of two Mid Tests will be taken. If a student fails to take any one test, the other test marks will be considered. If he fails to take two tests he loses the marks allotted to the Mid Tests.

Mid-Tests: Each Mid Test is held approximately after 45 days of instruction. The respective departments will provide the schedule, syllabus and model question paper for the tests Absence from a scheduled test will be viewed very seriously, if permission is not obtained from the Principal before the end of the scheduled examinations.

Assignments: Every student has to submit an assignment in each subject during the semester. The lecturer concerned will decide the topic of the assignment and time limit for its submission. Assignments are not accepted after the stipulated date. The students will lose marks for assignments if they are not submitted within stipulated date.

Attendance: Depending on the percentage of attendance, marks will be awarded as per the procedure shown below.

Sno. Percentage of Attendance/td> Marks
1 upto 74 0
2 between 75 to 79 2
3 between 80 to 84 3
4 between 85 to 89 4
5 between 90 and above 5

Semester – End Examinations (SEE):
Regular Semester End Examinations, for odd semesters (I, III, V) are held in October/November and for even semesters (II,IV,VI) in March/April in an academic year. Supplementary examinations of II, IV and VI semesters will be conducted along with Regular odd Semester End Examinations in Oct./ Nov. Supplementary examinations of I,III and V semesters will be conducted along with Regular even Semester End examinations in March/April. For the supplementary examinations students shall pay the prescribed fee on the due date announced by the college.
Practical/Project Work:
The practical work includes laboratory work, project work, fieldwork, practical training, record work, etc., throughout the semester. 10 marks are allotted under CIA and 40 marks for semester-end practical examination. The respective departments will provide the syllabi, model question papers and the practical schedule in consultation with the Controller of Examinations.
CIA: The Continuous assessment in practicals is based on the student’s performance in the laboratory work, project work, record work, etc.
Laboratory/Project work:
Usually assessment of practical work is done in each semester in specified practical hours. Without prior permission, if any student fails to present himself/herself will lose the marks in that semester. Students with prior permission may be given an opportunity to appear for assessment in the same semester by paying prescribed fee. Completion of project work in VI semester is compulsory for obtaining the degree.
Semester End Examinations:
The Semester End practical examinations will be held during October/ November for odd semesters and during March/April for even semesters. All eligible candidates shall take the examinations only during this period. Students will be divided into batches for practical examinations. Each batch has to take the examinations on the specified date as per the schedule.
The students should have at least 90 percent of attendance in laboratory work during the semester. Every student should submit a duly- certified record at the time of practical examination. Candidate should not be allowed without certified record.
Malpractices Enquiry Committee consists of three Senior Faculty members who are nominated by the Board of Management. One lecturer acts as chairman and the other two as members. The committee will take the procedure of the rules and regulations related to malpractice cases which will come into force with the approval of academic council. All malpractice cases will be decided based on these rules. The decision of the Committee for Malpractices should be approved by the Principal.

More Details can be found in the following hand book: Click Here


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